Lure (Siren’s Call #1) by Stephanie Jenkins

Lure (Siren’s Call #1) by Stephanie JenkinsLure (Siren's Call, #1) by Stephanie Jenkins
on April 29, 2011
Pages: 258

Charlotte Brewer is sure she's crazy when she hears singing drifting from the ocean-normal people don't have arias playing on repeat in their head. When she gets wasted at a party and investigates the ethereal tune, she almost drowns. Charlotte comes to with an overwhelming thirst for salt water, a new desire to eat fish, and a heartbeat of only seven beats a minute. She wakes up by the sea almost every day and dead men wash up hours later.

But then Charlotte meets Lorelei, a siren. Lorelei reveals she saved her from drowning with the "Siren's Kiss"-a curse that made Charlotte a soulless immortal. Her role as a siren is simple: guide the souls of the dead at sea. Too bad taking care of the dead means being stuck in the middle of a war between a fertility goddess and the sirens . . . and losing her soul. If Charlotte wants to regain her mortality, she must find love with a mortal. And if she fails to secure it, she risks becoming a puppet to the gods.

The story started out a bit slow but quickly picked up pace around page 30 or so. I ended up finishing Lure fairly quickly, however I was left with a lot of mixed emotions that were weighed down by the negative.

When it comes to supernatural YA books it feels like the characters interchange between Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, or Witches, therefore I found it very refreshing to read about Sirens. I found that Lure did a pretty good job of taking well-known Greek Mythological stories and creatures and giving them its own twist, but I don’t think the story lines were fully fleshed out. I was confused quite a bit due to gaps in the plot and it was hard at times to connect different threads in order to get the story to make sense. On the other hand, even though the story line began to annoy me, there was enough allure to keep me interested in reaching the end. When it comes down to it though, I don’t think I’d eagerly recommend this book to a friend. Although Charlotte’s story is original and refreshing the other elements such as a strong characters, were missing.

A big aspect of what I consider a “good” book is deep and well-developed characters, unfortunately I felt like Lure lacked this completely. The main character, Charlotte, to be honest, annoyed me. In the beginning she was this angry girl who had shields up around everyone, including her supposed best friends, Andy and Sophie. By the end of the book she was exactly the same except she was a siren. Basically there was no character development whatsoever. To be a siren meant you were soul-less, having lost the ability to feel true emotions. However, Charlotte already had trouble feeling emotions when she was human. Throughout the book she kept having these epiphanies where she wondered and reveled in the fact that her friends actually “cared” about her especially whenever she’d have an accident (which happened quite a lot) or disappeared into her rooms for days. Also, for a girl who had trouble feeling emotions, she was awfully moody which I feel would invalidate her Siren-esque aspects… Very confusing.

The supporting characters were pretty lifeless, especially Andy and Sophie. The two would pretty much disappear (figuratively speaking) for days and when they showed up all we’d really get is more references to Andy’s afro-hairstyle and the big drug/pill-popping addiction Sophie couldn’t kick. I wish they had been fleshed out some more because it seemed like they had a lot of potential; they were pretty much useless.

Overall I’d rate this book 2.5 stars. I’m curious to see how the story continues (book 2 has already been released) especially since my only real, favorite character, Matt seems to play a bigger role. Out of all the characters he seems to have the biggest potential. However It’ll most likely be a while before I grab the second book.


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