Book Review: “Cold Burn of Magic (Black Blade #1)” by Jennifer Estep

I’ve never been a huge fan of mobsters, but trade swords for guns, and add a dash of magic, and I can get on board. Cloudburst Falls is open and proud of their pixies, ogres, and yes, even the lochness monster. A handful of powerful families have turned the town into a magical tourist attraction, and sure, a tourist might disappear occasionally, but business still booms.

Lila, our main character, is a spitfire. Sharp, resourceful, and sarcastically hilarious, Lila really holds her own when it comes to dealing with the local monsters and mobsters. She’s an accomplished thief with the skills to get out of the stickiest situations. Being an orphan, Lila knows the consequences that come from being involved in mob business.

Cold Burn of Magic is dark – and funny. Murder isn’t taboo; it’s a way of life in Lila’s world.

I loved how magic in this book was limited. In fact, the “magic” in this series was closer to X-Men in the sense that some individuals had just one, maybe two, extraordinary abilities.

The monsters/mythical creatures were also a fun and creative addition to the story.

If you like contemporary fantasies, and sassy heroines, grab Cold Burn of Magic. Jennifer Estep, author of multiple series, including Mythos Academy, is skilled when it comes to spinning unique and addicting stories.


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