Book Review: “The House of the Stone (The Lone City #1.5)” by Amy Ewing

Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 87
Release Date: July 7, 2015

I don’t always read novellas, especially when they are for secondary characters. However, after Violet noticed Raven getting increasingly thin and confused, I needed to find out what was going on.  

I thought that Violet was being treated terrible, but her treatment is nothing compared to Raven’s. The Countess of the Stone is evil. Plain and Simple. Raven isn’t just property; she’s “It”. It sleeps on the stone floor in a cage. It gets tiny meals consisting of a red apple slice, three peas and a half of an onion roll. It gets led around with a muzzle and blindfold.

I’m glad I read this novella. It’s short of course but really enlightening. The Lady of the Lake told Violet that there are others out there much crueler than her and now we know who is and how much. 


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  1. I didn't even know there was a #1.5 for this series! The first book is definitely my favorite, but I still like the rest of the series too! I'll have to check this novella out because your review sounds good! And i'm not typically a big novella fan either! Have you read The Mirror King? There are novellas for that series too that sound good. (or one novella, i'm not positive because I haven't read it yet)
    Emily @

  2. I started reading book two but I stopped for two reasons: 1, it was kind of boring me because of the slow pace and 2, Heir of Fire came in and I'm OBSESSED with that series right now. I'll get back to The White Rose though.. after I finish Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms that is.

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