Of Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy #1) by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy #1) by Anna BanksOf Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy, #1) by Anna Banks
Published by Feiwel & Friends on May 22nd 2012
Pages: 324

Galen is the prince of the Syrena, sent to land to find a girl he's heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on vacation at the beach. When she runs into Galen—literally, ouch!—both teens sense a connection. But it will take several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, for Galen to be convinced of Emma's gifts. Now, if he can only convince Emma that she holds the key to his kingdom...

Told from both Emma and Galen's points of view, here is a fish-out-of-water story that sparkles with intrigue, humor, and waves of romance.

While reading Of Poseidon I kept asking myself the same question, over and over again. “Why on earth is this the first time I’m reading a book about merfolk?!!” Vampires, witches, werewolves, shapeshifters, ghosts, and aliens, been there–done that. But this is the first time I’ve sought out and read a story with mermaids. Except, in Of Poseidon these partial fish-people are referred to as Syrena and actually don’t particularly take kind to being called mermaids (quick tip).

Galen, besides being an unbelievably attractive specimen, is also a Syrena prince. These two elements plus his kind and protective nature makes him a dangerous triple-threat to both Emma and the readers alike. I instantly liked Galen. You hear prince and you immediately think privileged and possibly over-indulged. But that wasn’t the case. Although he is a Syrena prince who is a. expected to hate humans because he’s Syrena and b. expected to be overly snobbish because of his royalty, Galen comes out surprisingly warm and compassionate. Unlike many of his fellow Syrena, he’s capable of making human connections and quite literally, friends. Although hes’s very unlike other Syrena, that doesn’t mean it comes easy. I found that the majority of my favorite parts of this book revolved around Galen learning about “human ways”. The conversation below takes place between Galen and his best friend, subject, and fellow Syrena, Toraf.

“Jackass,” Galen mutters.
“Jackass? What’s a jackass?”
“Not sure. Emma called me that today when she was irritated with me.”
“You’re insulting me in human-talk now?”

Because of a tip he received from a friend, Galen is scouring the beaches in Florida, desperately seeking out a girl who may have the ability to communicate with fish. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I first read that a mermaid Syrena was seeking out a girl who may or may not be a fish whisperer I was kind of confused. Although I’d never read any other mer-centric books, I’d always just assumed that communicating with undersea creatures was a mer-speciality. Nope. Apparently it’s not as rare a gift as one would think. Then there’s Emma. Although a Jersey Shore resident, Emma is vacationing in Florida with her best friend Chloe when she runs into Galen. Literally. She smacks right into his shirt-less and of course, majorly chiseled chest. This first meeting followed by, as the synopsis says a “deadly” shark encounter, sets up the beginning of a humorous, thrilling, sizzling, and at times heartbreaking story that had me fervently turning the pages.

I found that this book had a lot of great things going for it. It had a mix of fabulous characters, all jumping off the page with their own quirky and unique personalities. The folklore and history surrounding the Syrena was rich and incredibly interesting. Sometimes in supernatural books, the author’s explanations for “why” and “how come” and “how it came to be” falls on the unbelievable side. However, this is not the case with Of Poseidon. I found the details and back story of the Syrena, where they’ve been and how they continue to be, extremely solid and believable, within the world Ms. Banks has created. Everything just “belonged”. With 5 out of 5 stars I CANNOT wait for the next installment. Not only was there a heck of a cliffhanger; I need more Galen.


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