{Bookish Thoughts} Do rate books immediately after you finish reading?

When I first started blogging I would publish my rating the minute I finished reading. I eventually realized that it wasn’t a good idea because after fully processing a book occasionally my feelings would change.

Like sometimes I’d be super impressed and totally in love with a book so I’d be like 4 stars!! Totally 4 stars!! However, after a few hours or even a few days my feelings would change. I could have still enjoyed the book but after my reading-high died down my feelings became less cloudy and more specific.

There were times when my opinion of a book rose. Take Frostblood, I finished it with an air of disappointment so I immediately gave it 1 star. After a few days I changed my rating to 2 stars because I realized that even though it had a lot of pitfalls, I enjoyed reading it nonetheless. Then you had books like A Court of Thorns and Roses where I knocked it from 5 to 4 stars.  I really struggled with rating A Court of Thorns and Roses. I loved A Court of Thorns and Roses but then A Court of Mist and Fury came along and I loved that one even more. I knew both books weren’t on the same level so I had to knock down book one’s rating so I could express that I loved book two more.

Do you wait a couple days before you publicly rate a book? Do you find that a few hours or a few days affects your thoughts and feelings of a book? For that matter, do you also re-write reviews that have been sitting in your queue?

6 thoughts on “{Bookish Thoughts} Do rate books immediately after you finish reading?

  1. I can usually pretty quickly tell when a book will be a 5 star read for me. Sometimes I drop a half star or so while writing out the dislikes in my review, but the rating doesn’t normally change too much. However, I totally go back and adjust ratings for books that I read a long time ago, especially if my reading tastes have changed since then. Awesome post! 😀

    Brittany @ Brittany’s Book Rambles

    • slayingbooks says:

      I recently found my taste changed for Shatter Me. It had been 5 years since I originally read it. Back then I rated it 5 stars. Now, after a few years and a lot of awesome books I didn’t feel quite the same so it went down to 4 stars.


  2. I usually review a book right after finishing although I know I probably SHOULD give it a little time to marinate. I just like going with that immediate reaction/ thoughts though. Or it may be OCD and I don’t want to have a review that needs to be written hanging over my head lol.

    • slayingbooks says:

      The emotions are so fresh and raw right afterwards so I can understand wanting to get those thoughts down before you forget them.


  3. If I have a rating in mind as soon as I finish reading, I usually stick to it.

    If I can’t decide on a rating though? When I hum and haw over it, I take my sweet time. I usually wait to rate on those until my review is done, so I can have a more “quantitative” representation of how I felt about the book, if that makes any sense haha

    • slayingbooks says:

      I think I get what you mean.. Like, writing the review and reading it before officially rating it. Sometimes I think a book is a certain amounts of stars but then when I write how I felt I realize it’s more or less than I thought.


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