Books I DNF & Why ft. The Graces & Hexed

The Graces

This book was agonizing to read and I didn’t even finish it.

I’ve never disliked a MC like I did River. She was incredibly annoying. She’s completely obsessed with the graces. Not the graces themselves, but the idea of magic and power that the graces are rumored to possess. River plans all her words and actions carefully. She snoops around and looks for any grace she can find. River never tells the truth to anyone.

River has no identity of her own. To River everything is graces, graces, graces. She wants to “catch” a grace. She doesn’t care for the graces she just wants to use their “powers” for her own agenda. They aren’t people to her; they’re tools.

So yeah. River – BLEH.

Also the pace of this book was soooo slow and the story didn’t get good until halfway through the book. Unfortunately by that time I was so miserable that I didn’t bother trying to stick it out. I returned the library’s copy and never looked back.



I tossed this book a side early on because of the confusing, off-balanced and unrealistic portrayal of characters in this book. The part that really put me over the edge was a line that Indigo the MC says. She’s describing the captain of the cheer leading squad as being bitchy and sleazy, always trying to hook up with Indigo’s boyfriend, yet, and here’s the kicker, this chick is Indigo’s “best friend”. WHAT THE FRACK? This chick is a horrible person and yet Indigo makes excuses for her, saying she’s been off lately/not herself. Even Indigo’s mom and aunt call her “friend” bitchy. Excuse me. But a best friend does not continually try to hook up with their friend’s boyfriend so blatantly. If this chick is continually a horrible person, than she’s not your friend, let alone your BEST friend. It makes no sense! This one aspect of the book just rubbed me the wrong way so much that I couldn’t continue on.

The other characters that I was introduced to were also juvenile and weak.

I hate writing such a scathing review for a book I only read about 20 pages for, but it’s how I feel. Nothing against Krys because I’m sure she’s super proud of this book, but I just feel like it’s not fully formed or realistic. It’s seriously lacking and I couldn’t take it seriously.

4 thoughts on “Books I DNF & Why ft. The Graces & Hexed

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t like The Graces. That’s been on my TBR and now I’m starting to wonder if I should take it off. We usually have such similar tastes.

    • slayingbooks says:

      I don’t know, sometimes our tastes vary drastically, like Bone Witch etc.. I say it’d be worth trying regardless.

    • slayingbooks says:

      Hmm, I had no idea Leigh Bardugo endorsed it. It makes me even sadder that I didn’t enjoy The Graces because Bardugo is such a great writer.

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