Curse of the Gods books 1-3 by Jaymin Eve & Jane Washington

Curse of the Gods books 1-3 by Jaymin Eve & Jane WashingtonCurse of the Gods books 1-3 by Jaymin Eve, Jane Washington
Published by Self Publication Goodreads

For the past three weeks, give or take, I’ve been in a serious, and I mean, SERIOUS, reading binge. Like legit, all I do is read, work, sleep, and read while I eat.

Because I read the first three Curse of the Gods back to back (I’m developing a wicked bad habit),  I’m going to speak vaguely about the events and my feelings so I don’t spoil a bunch of stuff.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that made me smile and laugh so much. Willa Knight is just so hilarious and adorable. Saying Willa’s a clutz is too simple of an explanation for the wacky things that happen to her and chaos she bestows. Willa is the most unluckiest person in the entire world. She accidentally burns buildings down, throws tar on a teacher’s head, stabs people, trips while going up and down the stairs, walks into people and inanimate objects, and just about any other horrible thing you can think of. Willa can’t multitask, thinking and walking is a disaster waiting to happen to her, and the people around her. Regardless of her chaotic nature, Will is just so darn endearing, because even though she’s had the short stick since birth, she’s still so bright and cheery. Willa doesn’t let the fact that she’s constantly making a spectacle of herself bring her down. She’s so full of hope and happiness even though she’s a menace to herself and the world.

Willa lives in a world where there are dwellers, her rank, and the lowest of all the races in Minatsol. Above the dwellers you have sols who each have a special magical gift, and have the potential to ascend to godhood after death. Then of course there’s the gods who live in a special, beautiful world called Topia. Dwellers are pretty much slaves. They’re conditioned from birth to serve the sols and worship the gods. Willa calls bullshit on that whole hierarchy. She tries to stay in line, if only for the sake of supporting her best friend Emma, but finds herself standing up to the powerful sols, physically and verbally, often.

Willa becomes involved with 5 incredibly attractive and notorious sol brothers, who dwellers, and sols fear. Not Willa though, it’s like her brain operates on a different frequency. She is constantly surprising everyone around her, especially the 5 Abcurse brothers who can’t understand why she doesn’t cower in front of them like everyone else does.

This series so far has followed Willa and the horribly, funny situations she gets into. No matter the unlucky situation she gets into, so far, three books in, she finds a way to laugh it off and keep persevering. Even though everyone thinks she’s pretty nuts, they still can’t help but love her because of it.

This series is unlike any other series I’ve read before. I enjoy reading these books because I’m so invested in Willa’s life, and love seeing what crazy thing will happen next, and how she’ll crazily react. I’m also obsessed with the scorching hot Abcursed brothers. Some readers out there favor one or more brothers, but I love them all equally. I could never pick just one or two. I’m selfish and want them all!

Later on in book one I realized this book wasn’t YA. I’d say it’s straddling the NA/Adult line. I don’t read adult books because I don’t like smut or erotica novels, and even though there is some sexual themes, undertones and scenes in this book, the author handles it tastefully. There’s so much more to this story than just naked bodies and sexual innuendos. It’s a one-of-a-kind gem and I’m SO looking forward to the last two books to come.

I used KU to read these books, but now, as of 2-13-18, I’ve bought hard copies to proudly display on my bookshelf, and to help support the wonderful ladies who wrote these wonderful books.


P.S. I read these books all over again a couple days after reading them the first time. That’s never happened before! Even when Deathly Hallows was released, it took me a year to re-read it. I blew through Curse of the Gods 1-3 so I wanted to slowly re-read and savor it all. I’m so glad I did because I enjoyed it even more the second time around and I know I’ll re-read them more in the future.


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