My Top 5 Favorite Book Bromances

Throne of Glass
Chaol and Dorian have been best friends since childhood. Chaol willingly gave up his claim to lordship to be a member of the royal guard to protect Dorian. Multiple times Dorian has stood-up to his terrifying, cruel father for Chaol’s sake. Blood doesn’t make you brothers, but love, kindness, acceptance, sacrifices do.

A Court of Thorns and Roses
Rhysand, Cassian and Azriel, or as I refer to them “the three musketeers”, are childhood friends who always have each others’ backs. They always face problems together and are willing to make any sacrifice for each other. When they’re not fighting battles you can find them hitting the clubs or spending weekends in a secluded cabin in the mountains, playing games, drinking, and hunting.

Iron Fey
Puck and Ash were at odds for so long, but eventually these two archrivals kissed and made up (not literally) in The Iron Knight. Puck is a trickster who lightens up a room and likes to have fun. Ash is broody, serious, and a bit uptight. They balance each other out perfectly.

Harry Potter
Harry’s always sticking up for Ron when the Slytherins are picking on him, and Ron’s always accompanying Harry on dangerous missions like, oh yeah, fighting the sadistic, murderer, Voldemort. Their friendship is occasionally rocky, but in the end they always work it out.

Lord of the Rings
What bromance is more iconic than Frodo and Sam?! When Frodo decides to travel to the most dangerous place on Middle Earth with the most dangerous weapon of all time while avoiding the most dangerous being of all time, Sam’s like – sign me up! Sam’s got so much heart and never backs down. Honestly, now that I think of it – Frodo who? – Sam is totally the hero of this series.

What are some of your favorite book bromances?

One thought on “My Top 5 Favorite Book Bromances

  1. Ohh this is a fun topic! I liked Chaol and Dorian too, til I got bored of the whole series. And the ACOTAR series too, it’s nice to see such friendships. I love Harry and Ron (I am only on book 2, but still hah). I am trying to think of some that I like. One that always comes to mind is Perry and Roar from Under the Never Sky! And Jasper and Monty from The 100, which isn’t in the book, but let’s go with it 😀

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