My top 3 auto-buy authors

Sarah J. Maas
Both of Maas’ high fantasy series are on my list of top-5 favorite series of all time. A Court of Thorns and Roses has a thrilling, sexy, fiery romance that will forever ruin relationships for me, because no guy will ever measure up to the perfect specimen known as Rhysand. Throne of Glass has nearly a dozen regular, main/supporting characters, and I love every single one of them. None of them are forgotten because they’re all unique and important to the overall story. I root for them, I cry for them, they piss me off, they make me laugh. I wouldn’t change or trade any of them.

Kasie West
This author is a contemporary-writing machine! I’ve lost track of how many books she has published now. I’m super impressed that all her books have new characters and original plots. Although I like some of her books more than others, like By Your Side and The Fill-In Boyfriend, I have yet to dislike any of them.

Cassandra Clare
I liked The Mortal Instrument series and I LOVED The Infernal Devices. The Dark Artifices is also extremely good. I think Clare’s writing has continued to improve throughout the years and now I automatically buy her books because I’m confident I’ll love anything she writes.


Do you have auto-buy authors? Who are they?

One thought on “My top 3 auto-buy authors

  1. I wouldn’t say these three authors are auto-buy for me, but I love all three of them for different reasons! Sarah J. Maas has this magic touch in her writing that makes her books so easy to read, regardless of how long they are. Kasie West is the master of cutesy romances. Cassandra Clare has the best characters!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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