My top 4 favorite book womances

Lissa and Rose

Rose has been training to become Lissa’s personal bodyguard since she was a child. She’s expected to protect Lissa with her life which she doesn’t mind, because she loves Lissa like a sister and would gladly make the sacrifice for her. Then you have Lissa, a royal, magic-wielding vampire who is pissed at society because they demand that she be delicate and meek, and let all her non-magic-wielding bodyguards (also known as guardians) take on all the bad guys. Lissa wants to be bad ass too with magic and muscles and fight beside Rose whenever those bad guys show up – spoiler alert – they show up a lot.

Aelin and Lysandra

These two HATED each other in the beginning. They fought constantly! They screamed, swore, scuffled across the floors. Aelin even threw a knife at Lysandra’s head once just to scare her. When these two gals discovered that they had been pitted against each other from the beginning they joined forces. They discovered that they had a lot more in common than either one realized and started helping each other work through emotional baggage. Together, these two women kick a lot of ass and don’t put up with any male b*llshit

Lia and Pauline

Lia’s a princess and Pauline’s a maid, even though there’s a huge gap in the classes, it doesn’t stop their friendship from blossoming. Pauline risks her life to help Lia escape an unwanted marriage, and later on Lia gives herself up so Pauline will be safe. These two stick together through thick and thin.

Alosa and her crew

Last but not least, I choose Alosa and her entire female pirate crew. I can’t just pick one or two of the women in the crew, because they’re all willing to sacrifice their lives for one another. They all love, respect, and protect each other. This book makes me wish I had my own ship and crew full of supportive, bad ass women to go on adventures with.

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