Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy #1)

Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy #1)Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy, #1) by J.A. London
Published by HarperTeen on May 29, 2012
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Supernatural
Pages: 342

At seventeen, Dawn Montgomery knows that monsters really do come out at night—after all, they are her job. It’s just after the thirty-years war between vampires and humans, and as an ambassador between the two sides (a role she inherited when her parents were killed), Dawn quickly learns that balancing schoolwork, teen life, and the requests of Lord Valentine, the most frightening vampire in the region, isn’t easy.

And it only gets more complicated when she forms a tentative friendship with Victor, the mysterious stranger who rescued her from a hoard of vampires…only to discover that not only is Victor a vampire, but that he is Lord Valentine’s son.

Soon Dawn is struggling to remember that with everything on the line, she can’t afford to fall for the enemy…

I was searching through my read-shelf on Goodreads, to see what series I had started but never finished, when I came across Darkness Before Dawn. I had remembered loving it a few years back, but not why, so I decided to reread it in order to refresh my memory, and make it possible for me to finally finish the series.

Originally I gave Darkness Before Dawn 5 stars, and now, after rereading it, I give it 2 stars. What the heck happened?!! I’ve known for a while now that my tastes and expectations have changed in the last few years, but wow, that’s a huge drop in stars.

This time around I disliked just about all the characters. The lot of them were immature, cheesy, or just downright annoying. Our MC Dawn was always talking about how hot Michael was, and how he made her feel sooo protected. That was the gist of her thoughts and dialogue, at least, until Victor came along. Then Victor was all she thought about.  He smelled sooo good, and made Dawn feel so safe. Michael, who Dawn glowed about it the beginning of the book, suddenly became a huge jack*ss. I felt like his rapid personality change was too convenient for the plot, and that the author was trying too hard to justify Dawn’s sudden decision to want to be with Victor, instead of Michael.

Victor was the only character who I didn’t fully despise. Even though he could be very soapy at times, I thought he was the best character by far, because he actually had depth.  He was the only one I cared to know more about.

The story line for Darkness Before Dawn, which I didn’t remember at all, was still interesting. I had forgotten that it’s like a PG-13 version of True Blood, a show I loved. #RIP True Blood – we had a few really good years. *sniffle*

So yeah. Ugh. I don’t plan on continuing this series, because I highly doubt I’ll enjoy the last two books.

Someone please recommend some YA vampire books. It’s been too long since I’ve read good ones. No Twilight, Morganville Vampires, Vampire Academy, Vampire Kisses, Evernight, or House of Night.


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