I miss the pretty dress book covers | Here’s 8 of my all-time favs!

Okay, I’ll admit that at one point there were way too many pretty dress book covers. It was pretty redundant and ridiculous, but after a nice couple years, with only a few here and there, I find myself missing them. There’s a lot of pretty dress book covers out there, but the ones below are my all-time favs!

The Selection trilogy has a lot of pretty dresses, but if I were forced to pick just one, I’d pick the gorgeous white dress on the cover of The One. I think it makes a stunning wedding dress, one that I could never pull off, let alone afford, but can definitely dream about.

I also love the dresses on the covers of The Selection spin-off series,  especially the one on the cover of The Heir. I really like how the dress falls in the back. I have no clue what that style is called. Can anyone tell me?

Feyre’s sparkly dress on on the cover of A Court of Frost and Starlight is breathtaking. What’s your favorite ACOTAR book cover dress?

I’d love to travel back to Medieval times. There were things like Branwen’s  beautiful, feminine dress on the cover of Sweet Black Waves, chivalry, beautiful art, and simplicity. Back then you actually interacted, and had conversations with people (no smartphones). I wouldn’t want to stay very long though, because, no electricity, peeing and other stuffs in a bucket, no running water – basically horrible hygiene all around – plus, double standards, oppression, religious persecution, etc.

Victorian-Age England is another time period I’d love to visit. Like Medieval times, it had pretty dresses, like Tessa’s on the cover of Clockwork Princess, chivalry, and simplicity. There was also better hygiene, so I’d stay longer.

I dream about wearing the flowy dress on the cover of Starcrossed. In my dream I feel like a goddess,  one who’s eating grapes on a chaise lounge, while being fanned by attractive, shirtless, oiled men. LOL.

The dress in Everneath is another beautiful goddess-like dress. I can’t imagine myself wearing this one though, because it’d be way too mysterious and badass for me.

The dress on the cover of Kiss of Deception is so simple, yet pretty. The flower crown is a must to pull off the whole ensemble.

What do you think about these dresses? What are some of your favorites? I’d love to know!

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