Review Policy

mostly read Young Adult, and once in a great while, New Adult/Young Adult hybrid books. I only review fiction. I mostly stick to urban and high fantasy, but occasionally I enjoy a really good contemporary. I don’t read non-fiction, adult or erotic (if you request for me to review one of these type of books I won’t respond).
If you are interested in having me review your book please note that:
  • don’t accept payments for reviews. All reviews are based solely on my opinion and experience while reading.
  • If a book garners only 1 star from me I will not review it. I won’t speak negatively of an author or book, instead I will briefly explain to the publisher/author why it didn’t work for me personally. I express and respect that others have their own opinions.
  • If I accept a book for review and the review itself needs to be submitted before the publication date. I need at least 2 months notice. Like any other person I have responsibilities outside of blogging, and sometimes life occurs and it can delay a review.
  • accept digital copies (iBooks, PDF, Nook or Kindle).
  • I won’t accept non-edited ARCS. I don’t require finalized copies, but the editing process must have started before I review a book. 
  • All reviews are posted on this blog, as well as Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. I will also post links on @slayingbooks on Twitter and on Facebook. If there’s another site you would like your review posted on please let me know.

When submitting requests YOU MUST send me:

  • A summary of the book
  • A picture of the book cover
  • The link to Goodreads
  • Publication Date (if applicable)

*YA book blogging/reviewing is a side hobby. I’ve got a full time job on top of reading so I only get through 3-5 books a month. 

Please understand that not every book can/will be accepted.

Contact info: